No sex in schools

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 21, 2007

To the Editor:

On providing contraceptives in the schools: Those who concocted such an unthinkable scheme are themselves sexual deviates, possibly looking for some personal gain.

Not only does this say it is OK for children to have sex, it encourages and rewards them for doing so. Our society says if you commit a wrong, you will be punished.

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We preach and teach our children that crime does not pay. Not here, not only does it say that theft is OK, it provides the tools to safely commit the crime, with no penalty or repercussion. This encourages wrong doing.

No, it isn’t right &045; never has been and never will be! A lack (loss) of moral values is the principal reason for America’s demise and this is but another degradation!

What if their stupid warped idea is wrong, can you then say, &8220;Oops&8221; and reverse the thing? Once over the edge of the cliff, there is NO return.

No sex in schools.

James L. Nix


Taking back our neighborhood

To the Editor:

Residents of Ward 6 on Washington Street wish to thank everyone involved in helping to take back our neighborhood from thugs and drug dealers and their followers.

By the mayor accepting the SPD trailer along with police help and cooperation from some council members and a whole lot of help from public works, Mr. Hicks and his crew were able to cut away overgrown bushes and trees that drug dealers used for hiding. They also picked up mounds of trash left behind.

Much progress and hard work has been made to rid our community from thugs taking over its citizen’s rights from the peace and quiet they deserve&045; the all day and night workers &045; the trash throwing in yards from people who do not live in the neighborhood and who add absolutely nothing to anybody’s neighborhood.

Thank the Lord for the help that Ward 6, Washington Street citizens received in taking back our neighborhood.

Ethel Contee