Sagging pants issue already covered

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To the Editor:

This law has been seeping through the cracks, a law that fines people for sagging of their pants. It’s actually a huge lawsuit waiting to happen.

The law states: “It shall be unlawful for any person in any public place or in view of the public to be found in a state of nudity, or partial nudity …”

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First, America’s view of nudity and partial nudity is already clear, that’s one lawsuit there. The second part states:

“… or in dress not becoming to his or her sex …” So is a male that wears pink fined? The law is too vague.

And to clear up the misunderstanding. UWA placed a dress code in its cafeteria – not on campus. If it did, football and basketball players would have a hard time getting to and from practice.

Basically, I’m saying this is not just an urban problem or a black problem – this is an American problem. Our basic freedoms are being taking from us. Freedom of expression is being taken away before our eyes. As a concerned American, I have a problem with people telling me what and how to wear clothes that I purchase.

There is no such thing as a prototypical American, the United States is a big melting pot of people from different walks of life. Next, they’ll ban the showing of tattoos and piercing. How much will we sit back and take before we stand up and say enough is enough?

Some might find it offensive to see cowboys with skin tight pants on. Some

might find the Gothic and grunge community offensive. Personally, I find it offensive when I’m in the grocery store and see parents with young kids with no shoes on and bathing suits in public, but does that give me the right to make a law against that because I think it’s an eye sore to the community?

I’m wondering what is actually the point of this law.

Does no sagging cut down on crime? Is this just a feeble pathetic way to cover up the incompetence of our elected officials? Or is this just another stunt to get an honest taxpayer’s money?

“This is America Jack and we won’t stand for it.”

Erick Wright, Troy University graduate

Black Belt resident