Gearing up for Election Time

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 14, 2007

To the Editor:

The pre-election crumbs are beginning to fall from the political coffers.

After a long period of stagnation of growth in our city, promises are becoming plentiful and the “I only want what’s best for you” rhetoric is attempting to implant itself into our community again.

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We need to look long and hard at the conditions, the division, and the atmosphere of our city before we give our promises of support.

Many measuring sticks have been used to convince us that our city is progressing. Crime is down because we have less murders.

The economy is is booming because of the number of building permits issued by the city.

The employment rate is down so jobs are plentiful. You can’t legislate morality. Loud noise is a cultural issue.

These statements are an attempt to intentionally mislead us into thinking our leadership is doing an excellent job and that you should vote for those who presently hold office.

The citizens of Selma have grown in wisdom and desire to be a part of their government.

Those who profess to be servants, but have appointed themselves as leaders, must become a part of history in our city.

The upcoming political season and eventual election of those who promise to serve us will prove to be one of the most important decisions we have had to make in many years.

This next municipal election will determine our direction of movement and the success, or failure, of addressing key issues in our city. We must look beyond friendships, race, and other emotional and cultural issues.

We must select the best suited to serve and let the “self-proclaimed” leaders find another occupation where “self serving” attitudes are accepted.

May God Bless.

Gene Hisel