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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To The Editor:

When George Will and Dick Morris agree about something with respect to a presidential race, perhaps it’s time to listen.

In a recent commentary, Will wrote that GOP hopeful Fred Thompson is &8220;unfamiliar with the details of his own positions&8221; and &8220;was deeply involved in expanding government restrictions on political speech.&8221;

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Morris wrote, &8220;In his first week of campaigning, Thompson has shown that he has neither the substance nor the experience that is essential for a serious presidential candidate. One wonders what makes him &045; and his supporters &045; think that he is, in any way, up to the job.&8221;

Will deals with issues, while Morris is more interested in the campaign perspective.

However, they have something in common: Neither thinks that Fred Thompson is the conservative he claims to be and neither is impressed with his actual campaign.

For starters, Thompson was a key supporter of the Mc-Cain-Feingold Act, a campaign finance bill which totally disregards the First Amendment.

Thompson has also previously voted for restrictions on gun rights, particularly when government police power is involved.

According to voting data gathered on Thompson by The Gun Owners of America web site ( &045; out of 33 votes in the US Senate, Thompson voted anti-gun 13 times (around 40 percent of the time.)

There is but one Republican candidate whose platform and voting record strongly supports all 10 amendments outlined in the Bill of Rights.

For those interested in voting for a real conservative, I’d recommend checking out

Thank you,

Chris DeZego