Matthews gets kick out of job

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 8, 2007

The Times-Journal

ORRVILLE – Patrick Matthews sticks his chest out a little at the thought that he gives the Keith football team something it hasn’t had in a long time.

Matthews does the kicking for the Bears, and that’s not something heard all too often around those parts.

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As a matter of fact, Matthews was the first player in six seasons to attempt a kick – extra point or field goal – for the team.

But if the stereotypes about kickers are true, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Matthews is the right man for the job.

“He’s a little bit different,” Keith coach Harry Crum said. “He’s a real interesting guy.”

Good to hear, but what could be so interesting about a guy who kicks a pigskin around?

Matthews will be the first to tell you he’s no scrub that sits the bench while his teammates get in on all the action.

For starters, he’s also an offensive guard. By his own estimation, he’s probably the strongest kicker in Dallas County.

As for how he got into the job, that’s a fairly simple story.

“I just tried it one day,” Matthews said. “Now I have to work my legs out every day, like lifting weights with my leg. I’ve got to practice good technique. I feel good about it.”

As for any kicker jokes from teammates …

“They don’t give me any grief. They support me,” Matthews said.

Like most kickers, Matthews said he dreams about making a game-winning field goal.

He also likes that his job is about more than scoring points.

“It’s the most important part of the team because you start the game off,” he said. “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a kicker – a lot of hard work.”