Cahaba Hospice remembers Hicks

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 7, 2007

To the Editor:

Every human leaves a legacy. Barbara Hicks was no exception in terms of the legacy she leaves behind.

Cahaba Hospice remembers with gratitude her enthusiasm, energy and dedication when dealing with the scope of hospice services.

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Whether it was visiting a hospice patient and offering verbal reassurance, not only to them but to the caregiver as well, she did it with a smile.

Barbara had carried over from her early years in the workforce her meticulous eye for detail.

This was an asset in the numerous hats she wore at Cahaba Hospice assisting with her administrative duties.

Barbara minimized the importance of her contributions to patients and to Cahaba Hospice.

This also carried over to her family, neighbors, community and church members. She was always eager to go the extra mile.

Cahaba Hospice will forever remember Barbara “TuTur” Hicks as a legacy of unselfish devotion to others.

“Barbara set such a standard of excellence for which we all could aspire to,” said Ann Curtis, social worker and bereavement facilitator of Cahaba Hospice.

Cahaba Hospice staff