Another take on Jena

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 30, 2007

To the Editor:

All the mess that went on in Jena is nothing more than racism…against whites!

How is it that Al, Jesse, Hank, Rose, etc. etc. etc., march and protest so blacks won’t be prosecuted?

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If it was six whites that jumped on a black, they would still march and protest, only then they would call it a hate crime.

Will someone explain to me how it’s not a hate crime if a black attacks a white.

That is racism right there.

In Hank’s article in this newspaper on Sept. 28, 2007, he dismisses the attack of six blacks on one white as not serious.

He says that the white kid went to the hospital,was treated and released.

Not serious?

If I remember right, wasn’t Hank’s son attacked a while back?

Was that not serious?

He must have thought so, since they received several thousand dollars from a lawsuit.

I hope the white boy in Jena sues those who beat him.

All this because a rope was in a tree … Lord, have mercy people, move on!

Oh, just so we’re clear, I use the word “black” because I refuse to call them “african americans” for the simple fact that to me it promotes separatism.

Are you too good to be just “Americans?”

As for the six black kids in Jena,it doesn’t matter if they’re prosecuted for this offense or not.

We all know that within a year, they’ll be back in jail for more serious crimes.

Why are our black leaders ignoring the real problems in their communities … black on black crime.

It’s not whites killing blacks, it’s blacks killing blacks.

I think it must be that they all want to be “in charge.”

Just look at our city government. Can’t even hold a peaceful and productive meeting.

I just want them to stop living in the past. You can’t go forward while you’re looking backwards.

I’m 47 years old, have worked with blacks my whole life … to be honest, most of my friends are black, so don’t think I’m a racist … I’m a realist.

There are good people, black and white and there are bad people, black and white.

Simply put, a criminal is a criminal, color has nothing to do with it!

Last year I was in the hospital for a week and for all the so-called friends I have, with the exception of my family, the only people to visit me were three black young ladies that I worked with.

I know that some people will read this and insist that I’m a racist…but they should look in the mirror first.

Tommy Mobley