Youth football roundup

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Staff Report

Bears 6, Broncos 0

Fullback Dakota Sanders scored a 1-yard touchdown for the Bears in the third quarter.

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Falcons 24, Jets 16

Quarterback Bobby Thomas and running back Aaron Tower scored touchdowns in the first quarter to give the Falcons a 16-0 lead.

Walton Young scored a 5-yard TD in the fourth, and Letarious Wright had a safety.

In the second, Derrick Daniels scored on a 58-yard run for the Jets.

Demarrius Smith scored a 12-yarder in the third.

Broncos 24, Bears 22

Joshua Thomas scored a 3-yard TD for the Broncos in the first, followed by a 2-point conversion by Dontae Stiles.

Prince Tolbert scored a 7-yarder in the second, and Stiles added another 2 points.

Jalen Furlow erased a 6-point lead and scored the game winner with a 70-yard TD in the fourth quarter, followed by 2 points from Tolbert.

Jeremy Perkins scored a 40-yard TD in the first quarter.

Marcus Thomas scored a 2-yard TD in the second and added a 2-point conversion.

Thomas scored again in the third, this time from 50 yards, and Perkins scored the 2-point try.

Bears 8, Raiders 0

Running back Chamarje Wilson scored the winning touchdown in overtime with a 10-yard run, and Dakota Sanders scored 2 after.

Vikings 28, 49ers 8

Running back Jamarius Barnett scored a 43-yard TD in the first quarter, and Leon Sanders scored the 2-point try.

A pair of touchdowns by Casey Pullom and Barnett and a 2-point conversion by Chris Raymond gave the Vikings 22 points.

In the fourth, Pullom scampered for a 71-yarder.

Quindarius Young ran in a 5-yard touchdown in the second for the 49ers, followed by 2 points from Jessie Boggs.

Colts 30, Dolphins 12

Jhalandius Sullivan scored a 20-yard TD, and Marquell Moorer added a 2-point conversion in the first quarter for the Colts.

Moorer and Cameron Walker scored TD runs of 49 and 50 yards, respectively, and Damion Rogers and Brandon Hatcher added 2-point conversions.

Moorer scored a final TD in the fourth.

Tevin Sharpe scored a TD for the Dolphins in the first, and Delando Atchison scored in the fourth.