Residents take on job of repairing road

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 18, 2007


MILLERS FERRY &045; Residents here said they got tired of asking Wilcox County for help, so they fixed their own holes in their roads.

Residents went out, bought the asphalt, then all chipped in again to do the work on a stretch of Beach Road and Sand Island Drive.

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Leon Stoker is 80 years old. He said he thought they did &8220;a pretty good job.&8221;

Stoker said they went to the Wilcox County Commission and were told there were no funds to do the work.

Commissioner Tracy Shaw, whose district the roads are located in, said they did not have the funds. Shaw said the problems were created as a result of the aftermath of the March tornado.

The rural county has troubles each year with budgetary matters during the last month of the year, county officials said.

Shaw said they are awaiting reimbursement funds from FEMA any day that could help.

The budget, however, is not what caused the potholes.

A Florida man, who Stoker said recently purchased a lot and plans to build on the island, donated the asphalt.