Letter writer out of touch

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To the Editor:

I wonder if Rose realizes how out of touch she sounded in her latest rant printed Sept. 11?

I’m not surprised she was found guilty recently though I’m sure she was stunned. Really! All, she did was “speak out.”

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Let me try to clear it up for her starting with the semantic differences. “Speaking out’ in ‘Rose-ese’ translates to “pitching a fit” in plain English. Or as my favorite ogre would advise Rose, “You have the right to remain silent.

What you lack is the capacity.” In a court room, this is known as “contempt.”

However, let’s review the way things are in the real world concerning societal ranking. Now pay close attention. Skin color will not be referenced here.

Judge: superior, lawyer: inferior.

Police officer: superior, citizen: inferior.

Council president: superior, Council person: inferior.

Are you listening, Bennie Ruth?

When a judge tells you to sit down and shut up, you sit down and shut up.

When a police officer gives you an instruction, you do what you are told or you get arrested. Am I going too fast for you?

In my opinion, a small justice was done here, blended with an extraordinary amount of mercy. Maybe she’ll learn a lesson from this though I doubt it.

Rose did speak one remarkable truth, however. She is indeed struggling against the enemy within.

God help her.

Dusty Brown