Central Christian doing fine

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 16, 2007

To the Editor:

Over the past few weeks, Central Christian Academy has undergone many changes. Our football team started out by losing a game that was filled with injuries &045; but with hard work and determination, they came back to win the following week.

Next, our headmaster suddenly retired. Once again, our assistant headmaster, Darrell Walker, stepped up to the plate and is doing an amazing job filling in as headmaster. Now come the rumors …

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Rumors have begun spreading that are directed at tearing our school apart. However, the loyal and dedicated parents who want CCA to continue being a success, stood together, along with the faculty and staff, to show their support for our school and we are moving forward.

Educators within the community are volunteering their time and talents to fill in holes that have been left vacant in our staff. To you, we say &8220;Thank You!&8221; We will continue to be the school that God wants us to be.

Our school had to make a difficult decision about our football team, but in spite of that we continue to prosper and look forward to basketball and baseball seasons. Sure, students have left, but just the same, we have had students enroll and replace them.

Rumors as defined in Webster’s Dictionary are 1) general talk not based on definite knowledge; 2) an unconfirmed report, story, etc., in general circulation.

This is what is happening at CCA. People are talking about issues that are nothing more than rumors. I feel certain that if these rumors were started about some of us or some of our local businesses, we would be very hurt and angry.

This is what we want to know. Why would someone deliberately try to destroy something that parents, teachers and students have worked so hard at making successful?

Why does someone want to hurt our reputation?

We as a faculty, staff and student body are proud of CCA.

We stand behind it and what it stands for, not just to us but to the community as well. If we as teachers didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t be here doing what we do each day. The parents and students are amazing &045; they want to be here, but like everyone else, are hurt by the lies and rumors that are being spread.

God has blessed this school time and time again and as long as He is the center of our school, we will continue to be a vital part of this community … we will continue to be blessed.

Please take the time to come by and see for yourself what is going on at CCA.

Help us put these rumors to rest.

Sharon Holcombe