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Published 12:00 am Monday, September 10, 2007

To the Editor:

This afternoon as I write this I have just read the story of the six-year-old that was abused and murdered in Texas.

I, like everyone who has heard or read of this, am sickened that such a thing can happen in this world.

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But reality really stinks, for lack of a better term. This is a hard and cruel world we live in, we work hard to make a living, and now we must redouble our efforts to keep our children safe.

I have three children and I thank the Lord everyday for them, I also ask our Father to watch over and guide them. I know with out his help my efforts are futile.

We all must pray for our children, we all must take a role in their safety.

We all must take a stand for what is right for our kids. We as a community must not accept what is common in other communities, we can do better.

Make the choice to care. We must take stand and make a difference, volunteer, contribute time and money to causes you are passionate about.

Don’t almost do something. In my work at United Way for the past fifteen years I have seen first hand the issues this county deals with.

Many of the issues are easier than others to deal with. The one common factor that prohibits our work in this area is money, it is so common but it is true we cannot feed the hungry on best wishes, we cannot shelter the homeless with &8220;Atta Boys,&8221; we cannot stop crime, drugs, birth defects, ignorance, or child abuse, without your help.

I have read too many stories of children abused and hurt in our town, I am sick of it. I hope you are sick of it also, and choose to make a difference.

God be with you all,



Executive Director

United Way of Selma & Dallas County