Stop buying foreign-made products

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 27, 2007

To the Editor:

Recently, it seems that every time you read the paper or watch the news we are having product made in China recalled because something about them is unsafe.

I wonder why these imported items are not subject to the same manufacturing standards as products made in the USA.

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If they were, then these items would not be going on the shelf to begin with.

Lead paint has been banned in the United States since 1978. Why is China allowed to continue using materials that are known to be harmful to your health?

Is China intentionally putting these materials into products shipped to the United States?

Who has the answer?

I think this problem could be solved is we would stop buying so many Chinese-made products. We also need to consider the fact that so many of our manufacturers are moving their companies out of the United States because of cheap labor and evidently because of unsafe manufacturing processes.

I do not understand why United States companies cannot make the same products such as toys, coffee makers, television sets or any other items right here on U.S. soil in U.S.-owned and operated facilities.

Why is it that everything you try to buy now is made in other countries. China seems to be our No. 1 source.

If we would refuse to buy these foreign-made products maybe U.S. companies would re-open their plants here and give unemployed people a chance to gain useful employment and even have a rewarding trade.

Sure the product may be a little more expensive but it would be well worth it.

This in turn would remove thousands of people from welfare rolls and free up government money for other useful projects.

I fear that in just a few short years the job market in the United States will be dried up. Not just the minimum wage type jobs but even the high paying jobs.

Let’s keep our businesses in the United States. Remember, wake up America and buy American.

Dianne Eaton