Column/Where will your team be this November?

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 27, 2007

So this is football season.

Practices in 100-degree heat, games under tall banks of light and the hope that your team will be better than last year.

Some teams think they have enough to go all the way, and others are putting things back on track.

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You’ll find everything you want to know in the annual edition of “At the Stadium” Wednesday, but I figure some of you may not want to wait that long.

I hope you’ll enjoy this preview of the season preview for the teams in Dallas County when we go down “The List.”

8. Meadowview Christian – The Trojans are already off to a good start with a shutout of Abbeville Christian in the season opener Friday.

The real test will come once they slug it out with the big boys in region play. With a powerful offense and equally ample defense, the Trojans should make a lot of noise.

7. Morgan – After a loss in the season opener Thursday, the Senators have a shot to get back even with a win at home against Cottage Hill.

If this young team can work its kinks out, it should be all right.

6. Central Christian – Without the injuries, there’s little doubt CCA would have won its second consecutive season opener. Keeping enough players on the field is going to be the most obvious task for a team that started the year with 16.

5. Southside – This is an interesting team to watch. The Panthers only lost a handful of starters from last year, but they’re breaking in a new quarterback.

There are two things they can rely on. The first is running back Kevin Rowe. The second is a defense that will be able to stop people at the point of attack.

4. Dallas County – Athleticism was not the problem for the Hornets last year, and it won’t be this year.

The first priority this season is stopping people from scoring. Putting points on the board comes next. Toughness and leadership on and off the field are also areas that have been addressed.

3. Maplesville – The Red Devils play in a home atmosphere that’s as electric as any you’ll find.

Their only key loss was a three-year starter at quarterback, but that’s a heck of a thing to lose.

Defense will probably have to keep Maplesville in games for at least the first part of the season.

2. Keith – The Bears feel themselves getting closer. They have enough talent to beat a lot of teams they play. The real key is what the experienced players do to help the team win.

1. Selma – Finding talent has never been a problem for the Saints. Finding ways to use it has.

Things didn’t go as expected in their first season in the spread offense, and they lost their two best defensive payers. Changes are certainly on the way.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at (334) 410-1744 or