Be alert, get involved

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 27, 2007

About two weeks ago, a man attempted to abduct a 9-year-old boy in a Selma neighborhood.

The quick thinking of a passer-by may have saved the boy. He jumped into the car of a stranger to avoid a predator.

Much has been written and said about crime in Selma. Robberies of local businesses are not unusual. Items are taken off porches and out of yards. Shots are fired almost nightly.

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There are several answers to the problems that plague Selma’s streets.

One is more police officers on patrol. These officers should also be adequately equipped to do the jobs that we ask of them.

A study that is now being conducted should serve as a measuring stick for future plans concerning our police department to get it fully staffed and fully funded.

In the meantime, there is another solution.

A difference can be made by citizens who are observant, such as the woman who was driving by the young boy.

Being alert as to things that are out of the ordinary can help make all the difference for you or your neighbors.

Take note of suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood. It doesn’t hurt to jot down a tag number, just in case.

Being observant of your surroundings is a good practice for keeping yourself safe.

Look around before stepping out of your vehicle in a parking lot.

Don’t be afraid to call the police if you see something suspicious around your home or in your neighborhood.

Be a good neighbor and report suspicious activity before it’s too late.