Please save Selma High School

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 18, 2007

To the Editor:

The day I read the article about Selma High School woes, I wrote a letter online.

I am very passionate about saving the old building as it holds a lot of memories for many of my family and my fellow classmates. I would like to see my letter printed and get some feedback from others on their opinion of the situation.

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I will not stop trying to save what was then Parrish High School, last class to graduate from Parrish (1970). I believe it was SHS when my aunts and an uncle went there. My daddy was a 1948 graduate of PHS.

My mother graduated in 1950 so I hope this will explain why I am in favor of saving the school. I also worked at the Wilby during my high school days, (1967-1970).

Not only did I meet some of my classmates there, but I met my first love there!! Please save my school!!

Thank you,

Alice Williams Leverett

Government should do right thing

To the Editor:


seen that businesses in one state have supported dangerous measures (measures that can and do take away funding from public services and disrupt other people’s quality of life) in other states.

Since the Federal Elections Commission can’t be trusted to do their jobs, I’d suggest that every citizen organize boycotts against any business or corporation, large or small, whose owners support dangerous measures.

I know we all remember what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and just recently in Minneapolis because the money wasn’t there to strengthen New Orleans’ levees or Minneapolis’s I-35 W freeway bridge. The worst thing is that people lost their lives in both instances because the local governments simply couldn’t pay for the necessary repairs.

That’s how bad dangerous measures can be, so unless we boycott any business that supports dangerous measures, they’ll just keep doing it as our great expense. Please, let’s all be wise and do the right thing.

Gretchen Sand

Kennewick, Wash.