Thanks for anniversary celebration

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 13, 2007

To the Editor:

Thanks Selma and Dallas County for celebrating the birthday of true democracy!

Several events took place to honor the sacrifices of many who made the signing of the Voting Rights Act possible on Aug. 6, 1965.

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On Aug. 3 the first affiliated site plaque of the Selma to Montgomery National Historical Trail was placed on Selma Middle School (CHAT Academy), formerly R. B. Hudson High School.

This site is an important part of United States history.

Many teachers and students of R. B. Hudson High School marched for the right to vote.

Their actions not only had an effect on local government but affected the world, as other countries followed suit towards a democratic society.

While being vigilant, the teachers and students of R. B. Hudson High School persevered and pursued the concept of being able to literally participate in governmental affairs.

Their (teachers and students of R. B. Hudson High School) involvement in the 1965 Voting Rights movement improved quality of life for millions of citizens across the United States of America.

Thanks Selma!

On Aug. 4 the second annual America’s Freedom Bicycle Ride was held.

The ride commemorates the valor of the people of 1965.

Frontline sponsors of the ride were: The Freedom Foundation and Sweetheart Fitness, LLC.

Secondary sponsors were:

Chain Reaction of Prattville, The Montgomery Optimist Club and Wal-Mart Super Center of Selma.

Cooperative coordinates were: The National Park Service, City of Selma, City of Whitehall Police Department, Lowndes and Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the Alabama State Troopers.

Thank you supporters and coordinates!

On Aug. 6, the National Voting Rights Museum topped the celebration off with a re-enactment of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, songs from the beautiful childrens’ choir, commitment to vote cards (signed by the youth who were present), and a special birthday cake. Thank you, National Voting Rights Museum!

Finally, journalists and photojournalists captured the historical era of 1965 in words and pictures.

And so it is today, thank you, Selma Times-Journal and Montgomery Advertiser for coverage and reminding us that we live in a ‘historical, special place.’

Tina Smiley

Park Ranger

National Park Service