Let’s get serious about crime

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 9, 2007

To the Editor:

I have grieved over the rate of crime in our city for quite some time now, and have mourned the loss of the moral fabric that was the common thread running throughout our city when I was growing up.

Suddenly, the reality of this situation became very real and personal to me.

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Last Saturday, while I was attending the funeral of one of our beloved physicians at New Live Oak Cemetery, my purse was stolen from my car.

My credit cards were immediately canceled and my cell phone was cut off. So nothing was gained by the one who did this.

I lost my prescription glasses, my car keys, my driver’s license, my insurance card and my cell phone.

All of these things can and will be replaced. But, the pictures of my precious grandchildren and my grandniece and nephew, my appointment book and my address book containing the information on my out-of-town friends are gone.

These are the things that can never be replaced. In relating my story, I have found that I am definitely not alone.

Many others have had similar experiences.

What has happened to our town? Why do so many of our citizens think nothing of taking things that belong to others? Our problem is not deep, complex, nor limited to our community. The moral standards of our city, state and country have hit rock bottom.

People of Selma and Dallas County, please join me in fervently praying for a return to the good old days when respect for others was a fact of life. We need the Lord back in our homes, schools, neighborhoods and hearts. Let’s get serious and pray.

Kay Goodwin Alsobrook