Williamson a master deceiver

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 7, 2007

To The Editor:

After Councilman Williamson’s Monday, July 31, 2007, View Point performance, no one should doubt that he will be pulling the strings of the candidates who are willing to oppose Mayor Perkins. And anyone who has been willing to work with Mayor Perkins will become targets. Councilman Williamson is hoping that he can come up with enough greedy haters to take over city government in 2008. Personally, I am not buying into the lies.

The Rev. Williamson deceived and lied so much on View Point, he lost track himself. He and his den of deceivers can stop now. Their political tricks will not work because God will see to it that the truth shall rise above all the mess and lies.

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To say that Bennie Crenshaw, Johnnie Leashore and Aubrey Vick have something to hide and that is why they need to keep Geraldine Allen off the Water Board is so crazy I thought Randy was hosting the Comedy Hour. To attack the current water board members about their salary when the water board members before them including Billy Hicks, Mr. Melton, Bennie Tucker and Glenn Sexton were making the same salary is nearly demon level deception.

The truth told is that the only way Mr. Smitherman was able to stop Williamson from attacking him was to put him on a couple of paid boards. He even hustled Smitherman.

He has hustled the citizens and everybody since Day One.

Williamson is a master deceiver and weak people are fooled by his deceiving ways. The truth is that the Southern Poverty Law Center did report on a hate group called The League of the South.

On View Point, Williamson stated that he supported the mission of the League of the South.

I understood him to say that the mission is for the South to rise again and separate from the United States and create its own country or colony, I suppose with slavery intact.

Bottom line, Williamson is a Jim Crow throwback. He hates all non-Southern white, be they black, white, Hispanic or Jewish who can look him in the eye and tell him “No.”

And he will only support non-Southern whites who are willing to, as they say, “stay in their place.”

His mission is to find enough people who wanted personal favors from City Hall and the mayor has told them, “no.” He then wants this group of greedy haters to take over this city. This is about greed and control vs. honest leadership for the benefit of all citizens. And that is outright evil and evil simply will not stand over good.

Denise Johnson