Mrs. Nelson rocks!

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 5, 2007

To the Editor:

Last year, my daughters were afforded the opportunity to participate in 4-H Club through their school. I remembered my 4-H experiences as my girls came home one afternoon from school filled with the excitement of joining 4-H.

I remembered how I loved and respected Mrs. Harriet Bates and I realized just how much, as an adult, I still cherish those 4-H years. Because of unselfish, loving, devotion by Mrs. Bates, I will forever have my memories of 4-H.

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Thanks to Mrs. Callie Nelson, my girls will one day be able to find comfort in cherishing their memories of 4-H Club.

All too often, people who offer of themselves and share love for each other, and their communities go unnoticed. I will speak for my family, but feel as though my thoughts are echoed by many.

Callie Nelson goes over and above with her leadership of the local 4-H Program. Callie pours herself into everything she does and overflows with enthusiasm and love for each child she comes in contact with.

Her love and devotion to making Selma/Dallas County a

better place for my children is second to none. As my girls have often told me, Mrs. Nelson &045; You Rock!&8221;

Rhonda Abbott

Saying goodbye to a former


To the Editor:

Today was the funeral for one more of the Class of 1965 from A.G. Parrish High School.  I wanted to attend the service and see her husband, John, also a fellow classmate from &8216;65.  

Alas, working midnights in Montgomery, living in Selma, and an afternoon service in Demopolis did not lend itself to my being there.  In the spring, I talked with Carol by phone, trying to verify information for a class reunion coming up this fall.  

It was great talking with her and many of our classmates that I was able to reach.  

Carol and I talked for a while and so many memories flooded back hearing her soft, southern way of talking:  how her voice had never changed, always ladylike with an audible smile, seeing her in services at Houston Park Church of Christ sometimes when I visited from Nashville, her sweet Mother-in-law who was one of my Mother’s friends.  

Our Class Reunion was to be a celebration of our year of turning 60 and so we were calling it our 60th Birthday Party.  Carol said she was to begin another round of treatment soon.  

We have postponed the Class Reunion until next June due to trying to contact as many as possible, all the planning involved, etc.  We will call it the &8220;Belated Birthday Party.&8221;

While Carol will not be able to attend this reunion, we will remember her sweet spirit and caring ways.  

Actually, there is another reunion she will attend. That is the &8220;class reunion in the skies&8221; to quote our Class Poem.  

So, Carol, we will miss you and many others at our earthly reunion, but see you later, girl!  

I know where you are!  

Gail Box Ingram

Valley Grande

Official Class Poet