Shop locally for school supplies

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 29, 2007

The state’s second annual sales tax holiday is coming up and it serves as a good time to show your support for local businesses.

Parents are beginning to get their children ready to go back to school.

That means a shopping list that includes everything from clothes to notebooks to backpacks.

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As parents make preparations to shop for school supplies, we encourage you to shop at home.

Last year, the Alabama Legislature passed Act No. 2006-574, which created a “holiday” not only for parents and students shopping for school supplies, but one that could give advantages to all shoppers, whether shopping for school supplies or not.

The tax-exempt holiday begins 12:01 a.m., Friday, Aug. 3 and ends at midnight on Sunday, Aug. 5.

During the three-day holiday, “covered items” are exempt from county or municipal sales or use taxes. Last year, most merchants made the list of covered items available to customers for easier shopping.

The list can be found on the Alabama Department of Revenue’s Web site,

While many local residents are tempted to drive to Prattville or Montgomery to spend those dollars, it’s better for the community if you spend that money at home.

Locally-owned businesses are the same businesses that support schools throughout the year.

They serve as boosters for ball teams and bands, buy yearbook ads and sponsor a variety of trips and clubs for our local youth.

These businesses deserve our support and doing your back-to-school shopping in Selma and Dallas County is one way to give it.