Bush bashing out of hand

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 9, 2007

To the Editor:

Seldom do I get worked up over ill mannered political rhetoric, but Friday’s letter to the editor appearing in The Times-Journal was an exception. I’ll not dignify the completely baseless accusations against President Bush by using the writer’s name, but enough is enough. My take has always been to simply ignore stupidity, but at a point, it gets to be too much.

In my opinion, Bush bashing has gotten out of hand. If these smear merchants would back up their rhetoric with facts and proof, it would be different. They simply throw out a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations as if they were facts and hope the news media will print it. And, they usually do.

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So far as Iraq is concerned, Congress was privileged to the same intelligence as the President and most voted for the war. The stampede away from their votes has developed since the Iraqi seem to want to fight among themselves more than they want freedom. Still, Iraq is an important front on the war on terrorism.

There are more factions at work in Iraq than the competing sides in the civil war. It is clear now we didn’t commit enough troops to stabilize the country after winning the initial skirmish. We all seem to be better equipped judging hindsight than foresight.

A healthy debate is expected, but the name calling and down right disingenuous rhetoric should be toned down for civility sake. Let the duly elected president of the United States do his job whomever that might be. History will be the judge as to the effectiveness of his efforts. And, we have in place certain checks and balances on each branch of our government that have worked for 231 years.

Does President Bush not get any credit for the fact we haven’t been attacked again since 9/11? Does he not get any credit for standing up against the terrorist after they executed nearly 3,000 of our countrymen on our own soil? Perhaps we have forgotten that bleak day when terrorist decided to slaughter innocent men, women and children. Have they not continued to barbarically behead innocent captives? Are they not blowing up innocent victims including children every day somewhere in the world? Why has there been more public outcry by the media about the detainees at Gitmo than the atrocities of the terrorist?

Does President Bush not get any credit for the booming economy, the stock market at record heights, the lowest unemployment rate in decades. You see, we have a lot to be thankful for and it is strange to me why so many are unhappy.

Are we unhappy because we all have jobs, two and three vehicles in the yard, air conditioning 24/7 in summer and heat in the winter? Or is it because we are all free to pursue whatever career we choose or worship wherever, whenever or whatever we choose? Seems to me we might just be a little spoiled and unappreciative of our good fortune.

Perhaps future elections should offer better choices, although the present announced field doesn’t appear to upgrade our choices.

God bless our elected leaders and our troops protecting and preserving freedom around the world.

James G. Smith