Requesting pay raises

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 2, 2007

To the Editor:

The Administrative Committee of the Selma City Council will soon consider requests for raises from more than 20 city employees. This avalanche of raise requests started after Mayor Perkins and Personnel Director Valeria Jones recommended, and the City Council voted to give an $8,000 a year raise to City Attorney Jimmy Nunn.

I was surprised that none of the hard working laborers in the Public Works, Recreation and Cemetery Departments have asked for raises. I was also surprised that police officers and firemen have not requested raises. I have been informed that these deserving individuals were told by a city hall official that they could not ask for raises.

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This is not true. Please contact me in person or at 872-7327 if you are a city employee and were told that you could not ask for a raise. I will present your request to the City Council, ask that it be referred to the Administrative Committee, and considered along with the requests we presently have.

If you are a city employee and want your request considered, you must act quickly. Please contact me before the City Council meets next Monday night.


Cecil Williamson

Selma City Councilman

Ward 1