Complete report should be made public

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On Monday night, the Selma City Council agreed not to publicize the first report provided on the study of the police department.

They were requested to withhold the information by Dr. Ralph Ioimo of Public Safety Consultants, Inc., who is conducting the study.

The reason?

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Ioimo is concerned that releasing the findings in part will not give an accurate portrayal of the situation.

He has promised that the findings will be made public once the study is complete.

The city council respected his wishes and agreed to wait until the complete study is ready.

However, the council and Ioimo must be held to their word and release the full study results at that time.

Public safety is the top concern in any municipality. The Selma Police Department has faced accusations of improper conduct, lack of personnel and concerns over leadership.

Police Chief Jimmy Martin resigned amid the accusations.

The citizens of Selma deserve to know the status of their police department – especially since taxpayers are funding the $48,000 study.

Are there enough officers? Do they have proper training? Do they have suitable equipment? What steps need to take place in order for the department to run efficiently? The citizens have a right to see the full report.