No need to be in car chase

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 25, 2007

There have been two separate incidents in the past week involving drivers who are attempting to resist receiving traffic citations.

One of the accidents left an innocent woman hospitalized. The other incident involved a teenager driver, and resulted in an officer being injured.

Both drivers in the incidents face several charges, some of which include DUI, possession of a controlled substance, running a red light and assault.

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But, that’s getting off easy. Police said the charge

very easily could have been vehicular homicide in the case involving a second motorist.

As it turns out, the victim of the crash lost her left arm.

Selma Police Chief Jimmy Martin said people need to know if they’re caught in a traffic violation, don’t resist.

“Take the citation,” Martin said.

In at least one of the incidents, police believe the driver resisted because of the presence of drugs.

We encourage motorists to be careful, watch for those who may be under the influence, and drive the speed limit so a quick stop can be made if necessary.

It’s also important for officers to use precaution when being involved in a car chase.

If the driver is known to the officers, why pursue and put others at risk. Eventually, the perpetrator will return to their home and can be placed under arrest at that time.

Keeping our roadways safe is everyone’s responsibility.