Little Miami Get-away

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 25, 2007

Family memories made at local beach

By Rett Rivers

The Selma Times-Journal

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LITTLE MIAMI &045; There are many places on the Alabama River where people go to enjoy themselves. These places are given names that may only mean something to the people who spend time there, such as &8220;the sand bar&8221; or &8220;alligator slough.&8221; But it is Little Miami that is known by all who have spent time on the river.

One could call it the &8220;Dallas County Riviera&8221; because on weekends, its fluffy, white mounds of sand will be filled with boats, jet-skis, and people. People of all ages that come to enjoy Little Miami as a place to swim, sun-bathe, and cook-out.

Ware Cox, who is now a sophomore at Shelton State, has grown up going to the river every weekend. He even remembers coming to Little Miami as a child all the way through his high school years. According to Cox, children are often fishing in the area behind the boats or playing games like horse-shoes while the adults cook-out.

While it is not a beach along the Gulf of Mexico, it is still a beach that is special to the people who have spent time on the river. Many will put their boats in the water with Little Miami as their sole destination. Others may just stop for a break from boating and take the time to visit.

Cox has even taken a step to spend more time on the river.

Little Miami is definitely a highly-trafficked area on the Alabama River. As much as Little Miami can be a highlight of someone’s week, it can also be the site of horrible accidents if safety precautions are not heeded.

According to the American Red Cross Web site, some such guidelines to follow include:

Do not mix alcohol with swimming or boating.

Swim in supervised areas only and be aware of your surroundings.

Pay attention to local weather conditions and forecasts.

Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Wear sunscreen to avoid skin damage.

These are only a few dos and don’ts for swimming and boating, but paying attention to these rules can help prevent a number of accidents.

Little Miami will continue to be a landmark on the Alabama River where people enjoy the feeling of being at Gulf Shores &045; though the location may not be quite the same.

This summer’s drought has been irritating to farmers and people just trying to save their grass, but one positive result the drought has brought is that Little Miami’s beachfront size is increasing as the river’s water level decreases. Yes, more people will be able to enjoy the &8220;Little Miami coast&8221;.

Following safety precautions will help contribute to a joyful summer on the Alabama River. Continue to enjoy swimming, boating, and other activities the river offers, but don’t ever forget the &8220;Dallas County’s Riviera&8221;

it has in Little Miami.