Fight could be different story

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 23, 2007

To the Editor:

After reading Sen. Sanders’ report of the fight in the Alabama Senate, I can only say we can now understand why so little gets done in the Alabama Legislature.

They, the Democrats, view the Republicans as public enemy No. 1. They do not want Republicans to receive any credit. So they sacrifice the entire session to feed their own agenda, such as voting themselves big pay raises.

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Let me state right here that I am a Republican, but I am an American and an Alabamian first. I believe in less taxes and less government. I also believe that the two senators could have solved their differences without a fist fight.

We can solve this problem by remembering them when they run for re-election.

There is so much difference between the Republican and Democratic agendas. That is why they cannot agree. You see, Democrats like to tax and spend. They like having their pictures made giving away money.

The state would not miss a lick if every Democrat in the Legislature failed to show up. Especially those controlled by Hank Sanders and Paul Hubbert.

I was raised a Democrat. I did not leave the party. It left me. For you Democrats who do not put your personal agenda ahead of the people of Alabama, thank you.

For those who represent their own goals and wishes, I say shame on you. Forget Sanders. Forget Hubbert. Just do what you were elected to do.

Don’t forget we Republicans are also citizens of this state and many of us are not fist fighters.

We will, however, fight for conservative Republican principles, that of less taxes and less government, and yes, less give-aways. We will fight for family values, and we will stand up for God and country.

Yes, there are many problems in our country, but the U.S.A. is by far the best in the world. When I hear liberals downgrade our country, I feel like a fist fight might be in order.

Now that Alabama apologized for slavery, maybe the senator can get on with some work that would benefit the entire state, and all its people.

Who is he to be spokesperson for this state? What makes him think he is so special?

Just think of the different story you would be hearing if a Democrat had punched a Republican. I assure you it would be quite different from what you are hearing now.

H.D. &8220;Dusty&8221; Rhodes