The problems with Congress

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 22, 2007

To the Editor:

I am a lifelong Republican. I am 79-years-old. I am not bragging, I am confessing.

Greed by many Republican senators and congressmen is the main factor in the loss of the last election to the Democrats. Solutions are so evident as to how to fix many of our problems.

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Fix the high cost of prescription drugs. Make it illegal to advertise prescription drugs. Not too many years ago, we had that law, but the pharmaceutical companies bought a change and a recent (2005) figure shows that they spent $4.2 billion on advertising.

Do you suppose there is a single representative or senator who has not received money from the pharmaceutical industry?

Sales role to $250 billion in 2005, the latest figures.

Their profits were 16 percent and they spent just 17 percent on research. Only bankers made a larger profit.

The immigration fix will be long and hard, but as a start, let’s start enforcing the law.

The most important political change we need is term limits. It works for governors and should be extended to all political offices. Back to government of and by the people.

A tremendous problem is lobbyists. We need a law making it a crime to accept money from them. Without term limits this will not happen.

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby received $886,982 from lobbyists. He was No. 4. In 2006, congress met only 103 days. Maybe they should go back to meeting one session per year for three months.

There is much, much more that every citizen should know about. Please send a letter, not an e-mail, to your senators and congressmen.

Strother Wilson