What is ‘unacceptable’ in the city?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To the Editor:

Let’s take a walk backwards in time and try to remember what seems to be forgotten occurrences in our City.

Let’s look at some issues that I feel are “unacceptable” (a common word used by our mayor to excuse a problem).

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I wonder if the mayor remembers giving sanctuary, in his office, to two law-breakers who had assaulted a police officer? That was unacceptable.

I wonder if he remembers the problems he caused to remove people from police leadership because they disagreed with “his” way of law enforcement? That was unacceptable.

Does he remember releasing a much decorated, well-educated, committed, proven police officer, the rank of captain, from the chief’s position to appoint a sergeant with very little leadership or people skills, in my opinion, because he was the mayor’s bodyguard prior to being appointed as Chief? That was unacceptable.

Does he realize that the number of law enforcement officers is the lowest it has been the last 20 years and that crime is the highest it has ever been? That is unacceptable.

Does he remember gutting the police department of much needed funds that were allocated for the protection of citizens? That is unacceptable.

How much more has he conveniently forgotten that has cost the citizens loss of life, untold dollars and their since of security? As he forgets, we must remember! The health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of our city should, and must, be the No. 1 priority. He has disrespected our entire citizenry by acting as if safety is just a word and that the police department is somehow an enemy to some of his supporters.

Yes, the recent serious crimes in our City are “unacceptable,”

but so is his leadership.

God Bless Selma,

Gene Hisel