Children should learn about safety

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 18, 2007

Every parent has to call on a baby sitter once in a while. But how well-trained is that sitter?

Because thousands of children are injured each year in household accidents, it’s important that parents, and baby sitters, are prepared.

The St. Edmund Learning Center recently held a Safe Sitters workshop to help young people learn about safety, both for the children and the sitter.

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The course was taught by an instructor for Vaughan Community Health. Students learned about first aid, behavior management, rescue breathing, choking, how to get emergency help, injury management and childcare essentials.

The two-day workshop was taught at the Edmundite Missions-sponsored center by clinical coordinator, Joyce Hampton, LPN.

She has taught the Safe Sitter courses for three years and said both girls and boys participate.

The teens learn how to respond in emergencies and how to make sure poisons and other dangerous elements are secured away from little children. Hands-on training includes lifesaving skills such as CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation).

While the sitters don’t receive certification, they do take an exam and receive recognition for passing it during the exit ceremony.

It’s important that baby sitters are prepared for emergencies that can come up while taking care of little ones.

It’s also important that parents give their children who stay alone lessons on safety.

We applaud the Safe Sitters class and those who organized – and participated – in it.