Teens learn conflict resolution

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 14, 2007


Don’t wait until your child gets in trouble and they’re ordered by the courts to come to anger management, conflict resolution class.

Facilitators in Dallas County urge being proactive and getting help before it’s too late.

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The course on Conflict Resolution for juveniles, which also requires parental participation, takes referrals from Dallas County District Court.

Roger Gault and Ed Johnston began last year, and they say the course is already yielding results.

Judge Robert Armstrong makes referrals of individuals charged in assault or teens that exhibit violent behavior.

Johnston said at the present time there are nine participants.

Johnston said parents are ordered to come as well, and the course covers everything from attitudes, feeling versus facts, sharing and forgiveness.

Johnston pointed at an example of young people recently charged with the shooting death of a security guard. He said the two youths charged with murder may have benefited from a conflict resolution course.

Gault said they would rather see children graduate from high school, then go on to graduate from college, as opposed to commencing from juvenile detention to jail then on to prison.

The cost is $50, and is currently court-ordered. It will soon be going up to $100, Johnston said.