Troopers need to move out of lane

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 11, 2007

To the editor:

For some time now while driving across the state, this writer has observed Alabama State Trooper cars parked in the traffic lanes while apprehending speeding vehicles.

One wonders why troopers do not get completely out of the traffic lanes and park directly behind the suspect’s vehicle as was customary in previous years.

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Not all troopers are so careless, but those who are make it hazardous to careful and courteous drivers. It is not always safe for the cautious driver to merge into another lane to avoid hitting the improperly parked trooper vehicle. This practice by some troopers has been discussed at length with family members and warnings have been voiced. The inevitable occurred this week in Dallas County near Southside School. Condolences to those involved.

A request to those sworn to serve and protect – PLEASE park with the entire vehicle out of the driving lanes in order to avoid such needless mishaps.

Enough said.

Sallie Lide-Hooker

Dallas County citizen