Superintendents with business experience

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 3, 2007

To the Editor:

Accountability is a frequently used word in modern-day society. 

Fiscal accountability is crucial in government and private business operations.  Public school districts are awarded millions of dollars. 

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It is becoming increasingly popular and common throughout the United States for public school boards to hire school superintendents with work experience that includes a business background. 

Many school boards have come to realize that public education is a multi-million dollar venture. 

Also, they are keenly aware of their financial responsibilities and public scrutiny. 

The state of Alabama now requires each school board to hire a chief school finance officer (CSFO) who meets the qualifications and certification requirements established by the State Department of Education. 

This individual works under the direct supervision of the superintendent; but, has a fiduciary responsibility to a local board of education.

There is a concern among educators about academics suffering when a business background individual becomes superintendent. 

Many school districts employ curriculum specialists to assist with maintaining high academics standards for students.

In county government, the great state of Alabama does not require a coroner to be a medical doctor, a probate judge to be a lawyer, nor a sheriff to hold a college degree in criminology. 

Several of these office holders perform their duties exceptionally well. 

Today, it is wise to search America’s corporate world to find persons with managerial and leadership skills for school superintendents.

Gerald Shirley


School of Discovery