Girls group a great venture

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 3, 2007

Young people in any community have it tough. There’s peer pressure with temptations to get involved in the wrong type of activities.

They make choices that can have longterm consequences on their lives.

A program for the girls at George Washington Carver Homes seeks to give a good foundation to these young ladies.

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For those ages 6 to 11, there’s Girls with Class.

It was started by a group of mothers and other local adults to help teach these girls about becoming young ladies.

The girls at George Washington Carver Homes have plans this summer.

They meet twice a week in the summer, planning activities, but also learning from their mentors.

The group received a boost last week from Ward 8 Councilwoman Janie Venter, in the form of a $500 donation.

Because they take on offices in the club, they are learning leadership skills.

We often hear the negative aspects of Selma. And we hear about the &8220;problem with young people today.&8221;

But, here’s a group of young people who are attempting to make their own way, and at the same time, learn from those who are more experienced.

We applaud Girls with Class, and encourage other neighborhoods to give youth the opportunity to blossom.

If you do, they’ll surprise you with their eagerness to learn, and their desire to do the right thing.