Column/God’s greatest, if overlooked, creations

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 1, 2007

Last week I was sitting in my vehicle listening to a book on tape waiting while my mother ran some errands.

The temperature didn’t seem so warm at first, and with the windows rolled down, it wasn’t too bad.

But, after a little while, the sun began to beat down and beads of sweat popped out on my forehead.

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I looked around for some trees or awnings, then pulled my car beneath the limbs of a small tree planted along the driveway.

What relief! It was just enough shade to fit the front end of my vehicle under, but that was all it took.

The temperature dropped by at least 10 degrees and I felt a cool breeze as it rippled through the leaves.

That’s when it hit me.

Shade is one of God’s great creations.

That got me thinking about what would make up a list of top creations.

Of course, it’s a given that mankind and the earth would be at the top. The universe for that matter, too, since everything else depends on that.

But what about those things we don’t usually think about?

Like shade, water is another creation that is most apparent in its greatness when the weather is hot. Nothing satisfies thirst, or cools off the body quite like a cool drink of clean water – whether it’s from the faucet, or bought in a bottle.

We often take that one for granted because clean water is so plentiful in the United States, but that’s certainly not the case in other countries. (It might not be the case here in a few decades).

Another of my favorite creations – the pecan. What a great food. It’s delicious, a good source of protein and comes in its own little wrapper.

Same with an orange and the banana. What could taste better, give you important nutrients and be packaged to go?

In a quick survey of our staff, fruit topped the list of picks, with raspberries and peaches among the contributions.

On Wednesday night, I ventured to the CyberBlue coffee house on Broad Street for jazz and poetry night.

That’s when another thought struck me – like the Bible says, we really are made in the image of God.

Why did this thought come to me? Well, if God is the creator of the universe, then He gave us the ability to create as well: art, music, poetry, literature, architecture, even a garden or a delicious meal.

All showcase man’s ability to be creative.

At the coffee house, local residents took to the stage, presenting original poetry and songs. It’s impressive the talent we have in our area.

Then, I looked around the room and realized another of God’s great creations. Diversity.

There were white people, as well as people of color, young people and older folks. Professionals and college students.

All together, talking, laughing, clapping (or snapping) and enjoying the original works presented by talented individuals.

And, if we are truly made in the image of God, then there is one certainty I know about God.

He knows how to love. Like the 1960’s pop song says, “Love is all around us.” A parent’s love for their children, a couple’s love for one another; a friend’s love. Even strangers reach out in love.

Surely, our ability to love one another is among God’s greatest creations.

Tammy Leytham is editor of The Selma Times-Journal.