Show support for veterans

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 27, 2007

To the Editor:

On the last Monday in May (May 28 this year), Memorial Day will be observed throughout the United States, though the traditional date is May 30. This is a day of remembrance for those service men and women that have died in our Nation’s Service fighting for a just cause.

On Monday, May 28, The Veterans of Foreign Wars will host a local ceremony at Memorial Stadium at 11 a.m. Rayburn Hill, commander of VFW Post 3016 will be the Master of Ceremonies. The Post 3016 Honor Guard will post Colors. There will be other veterans and civic organizations present to place flowers on the memorial as well. Aubrey Guinn has made arrangements for several sets of bleachers to be available as well as the doors to the stadium to be open in case of rain (it don’t hurt to want).

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Guest speaker, Probate Judge Kim Ballard, will speak of the great sacrifices that the American soldiers and sailors have endured so that you and I can enjoy the freedoms that we so dearly love.

The freedom and right to gather to thank them should be high on everyone’s list. This will be Judge Ballard’s first opportunity for us to hear him and see how he feels about the sacrifices that the veterans of the past have made so that you and I have the freedom to gather here and hear him. Kim will have some big shoes to fill; if you had ever heard Judge Jones speak, you grew to appreciate his straight forward honesty and loyalty to the American soldier as well as to you and me. I hope we are in for another dose of Americanism from the heart.

Memorial Day is for all Americans, and all veterans, no matter their race, sex, color, or creed and recognizes our past hero’s contributions to America’s freedoms and liberties. Most Americans have forgotten the true meaning of Memorial Day.

If you cannot attend, at least, around 11 a.m., take a short pause in whatever you may be doing and lower your head for a brief moment of silent prayer and say thanks to these passed heroes. You owe all your freedoms to them.

Or, perhaps listen to “Taps,” and thank them for their sacrifices so that you may enjoy all you freedoms that they have died to give you.

In 1915, the idea of wearing a red poppy on Memorial Day in honor of those who died while serving this great nation in war was conceived. In 1922 the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States became the first Veterans organization to nationally

“sell for donations” “Buddy Poppies.”

Made by the disabled veterans in the veterans hospitals, all monies raised from donations for the poppies goes to help servicemen and their families in need and at the veterans hospitals. Post 3016 Auxiliary members will be present with Poppies.

As you know, we are losing our veterans at an astounding rate of over 1,200 per day. Come out and thank the few remaining survivors that will be among our ranks and show your support for the gallant men and women that are yet today in harm’s way in Iraq, Afghanistan and other theaters around the world.

They are hard at work so that, today, you and I may be at play!

The greatest glory of a free born people is to transmit that freedom and what it has taken to attain and keep it to their children. And I tell you now,Freedom is not free!

Rod Stone


VFW Post 3016