Kids of Summer: Pilcher-McBryde takes close win

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 18, 2007

Moore Stewart, Pilcher McBryde

Moore Stewart held Pilcher through three innings at only run in 13/14-year-old action.

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Still, Pilcher McBryde won the game, 5-2.

In the bottom of the third after the first two batters walked, Michael Perryman hit a long ball to left field to drive in two and eventually score. Jamal Dudley scored on one in the fifth, bringing Pilcher McBryde’s score to five.

Scoring for Moore Stewart was Jashambi Smith, Cody Griffin and Nicholas White.

Wilber McConnico had four strike outs for the Pilcher McBryde team.

Jashambi Smith pitched for Moore Stewart.

Cougar Chevron, Turner Motors

Cougar Chevron defeated Turner Motors, 20-11, in 11/12-year-old boys action.

Letarious Wright had three hits and four runs to lead the Cougar Chevron team.

Jamarcus Blevins added three hits and three runs (including a home run).

Dusty Burger had two hits and two runs, while Coleman Smith added two runs for the win.

Devontae Cleveland had two hits and two runs (including a home run).

Other scorers included Tyler Boney, Vontarious Melton, David Williams and Wyatt Sanders with one hit and one run each.

Xavier Wallace had one run.

For the Turner Motors team, Woodrow Watts, Phillip Glaze and Cameron Reese had two hits and two runs each.

Alex Inge and Mark Garrett each had two hits and one run.

Jamond Martin had one hit and one run, while Ricky Smith, Spivey Pickens and Marcus Garrett each had one run.

Cahaba Furniture, Moore Stewart

Eddie Thigpen had two hits and two RBIs including a solo run in the first inning to lead Moore Stewart Ford over Cahaba Furniture, 8-3, in 11/12-year-old action.

Thigpen also pitched four innings, giving up one run on one hit.

Conner Stephens also had two hits and two RBIs followed by Phillip Brock and Adam Forman with one hit each. Brock also had two RBIs.

For Cahaba Furniture, Cory Hays had two hits and two RBIs. One of his hits was a solo home run in the second.

Taylor Internal, Interlink Drugs

Interlink Drugs beat Taylor Internal Medicine, 10-8, in 5/6-year-old girls softball.

Rashadia Purifoy, Kenzie Horton, Kaylen Bowden, Morgan Drumnow, Molly Nichols, Dentra Whitlock, Caitlyn Piper, Sharonica Nettles, Rekiyah Price, Zykeria Daniels and Alexis Forbes had hits for Interlink Drugs.

For Taylor Internal Medicine, Jakira Simmons, Kanesha McGray, Marissa Olds, Martesha Sanders, Brianna Miles, Keyandra Williams, DeKirra Ross, Sheera Billingsley, Tashayana Wilson, Acadia Thomas and Clarissa Clay had hits.

Pepsi, Moore Stewart

Jashambe Smith led the Moore Stewart team in an 8-7 win over Pepsi. Smith went four for six and had an RBI.

Cody Griffin was three for four, with an RBI. Richard Ghant was two for three with an RBI, while Nicholas White went two for four.

For the Pepsi team, Conner Thorpe was one for six with a triple and three RBIs.

Thomas Curtis was two for six with two RBIs, while Matthew Tillary went two for five.

William Corey was the winning pitcher with four strike outs.

Craig Price had 11 strike outs for Pepsi.

Kens General, Auto Beauty

Auto Beauty defeated Kens General, 10-0, in 9/10-year-old action.

Nyonan Monoco, Amber Surles and Vince Oliver had two runs each for the win. Jaysa Turner, Jadia Young, Kem Stokes and Shactya Richardson each added one run.

IP, Mr. Roy’s

The IP 9/10-year-old team defeated Mr. Roy’s, 17-3.

Leading the IP team was Ayana Moore with four runs. Kendra Hudson, Shalexis King, Iman Roy, Alexis Gunn, Natica Johnson and Kyla Belvins added two runs each.

Nakeda Cobb had one run.

For the Mr. Roy’s team, Terrica Smith had two runs, while Katie Jones added one run.

Selma Cash & Carry, Blackbelt Sewer & Drain

Selma Cash & Carry defeated Blackbelt Sewer & Drain, 11-3, in 9/10-year-old action.

Chelsea Savage and Laken Parton led the Selma Cash & Carry team with two runs each.

Ciarra Denson, Mary Paige Trammell, Monica Pate, Justice Kennedy, Madisson Parton, Kristy Gorenflo and Brianna Baker each added one run.

For the Blackbelt Sewer & Drain team, Mercedes Brown, Mary Beth Adams and Jordan Cruz each had one run.

Rehab Associates, Fuller Building

Rehab Associates 7/8-year-old boys baseball team defeated Fuller Building, 19-2.

Landon Davis, Derrion Atchinson and Martino Moorer led the Rehab team with three runs each.

Oytarious Johnson and William Morrow had two runs each.