Illegal aliens and church support

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 13, 2007

To the Editor:

There are some religious elements (churches), willfully and wrongly defying the U.S. Constitution regarding separation of church and state, illegally providing sanctuary to/for &8220;illegal&8221; aliens.

Their reasoning (excuse) for this illegal action is, &8220;We must provide compassion for these unemployed, honest, hard working, deprived people seeking the opportunity to better themselves.&8221;

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Hog wash!

What about the &8220;legal&8221; people being displaced by illegal aliens in our legally established workplace and social structure?

Due to the influx of illegal aliens, there are millions of legal workers and potential workers who now have no job or have to work for less money and benefits?

What have these self described &8220;churches&8221; done for these people? Where is the compassion and Christian brotherly love in this!? This is hypocrisy at its worst.

Lie, cheat and steal while hiding behind a false veil of Christianity. All these so called churches should immediately loose their tax exempt status and their leaders prosecuted for treason and subversion.

Note: Illegal &8220;alien&8221; is properly used above rather than the politically correct term illegal &8220;immigrant&8221; because &8220;alien&8221; properly describes an illegal uninvited unwanted foreign element and &8220;immigrant&8221; infers and refers to a welcomed invited foreign guest.

James L. Nix


Exchange Club giving award to Jones

To the Editor:

The Selma Exchange Club will present its 39th Annual Book of Golden Deeds Award to retired Probate Judge Johnny Jones on Thursday, May 24 at noon in the fellowship hall of Church Street United Methodist Church.

All friends of Judge Jones are invited; however tickets and reservations are required.

For reservations, call me at 872-1218 or 872-7327.

Cecil Williamson

Selma Exchange Club