Winn Dixie gives back to community

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 10, 2007

Donations to aid local animal shelter

By Deborah Goodwin

The selma Times-Journal

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When checking out at either the Highland Avenue or Dallas Avenue Winn Dixie store, the cashier may ask you to

&8220;Save a life.&8221;

May is Pet Month and Winn Dixie stores all over the southeast are doing their part to give back to the community by helping to save the lives of animals.

The tax-deductible donation can be as small as 50 cents. And according to CAAS Board President Angie Soul, the animal shelter needs every penny it can get.

According to Soul, the City foots the bill for the building and its upkeep, two animal catchers, and a shelter director and the County even aids with some manpower, but there is still a very long list of unmet needs.

The shelter still needs pet food, cleaning supplies to help prevent the spread of disease, veterinary bills paid, cat litter, blankets, leashes, water bowls, grooming supplies, shampoo, medications,

and garbage bags. And that’s the short list.

Crane, who owns 10 horses and two dogs, said he can sympathize with the shelter board members and knows what it takes to keep animals fed and healthy.