Mothers are wonderful

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 9, 2007

To the Editor:

As I was patiently waiting on my wife to come across the street at church one Sunday, a young couple approached walking briskly toward the old education building. It was quite evident she was pregnant and far along in the cycle. I spoke as they passed and commented it appeared as though an addition to the family would be forthcoming soon. She replied very sweetly, “believe me, it feels like it to.”

I couldn’t help but think as they walked on by, what a marvelous creation God made in woman.

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Here is a woman walking down the street with another life within her waiting for the right moment to spring forth. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Although women probably don’t feel very beautiful at this time, none the less, they are. The entire cycle of creating new life is a miracle only God could have envisioned.

It is fascinating to me how God took a rib from a scruffy man and shaped it into this lovely, wonderful, caring being we call woman. God himself must have paused just for a moment to admire His marvelous creation in woman.

Man is not nearly as sophisticated a creation as woman.

I believe God provided woman for man as a stabilizing factor. Man left to himself, without the influence of woman, is rather crude and uncouth.

God saw right off Adam wasn’t very adept at finding his way around or intuitive enough to presume things before they happened. And, Adam being a man really needed a little finesse and beauty in his life.

Generally speaking, women are more tolerant of pain and suffering than men. How many children do you think would be born if it were up to man to deliver? I dare say the species would be in deep trouble within two generations left to men. Bringing forth new life for women is their mission in life. It is almost an obsession. Men tend to view it quite differently as being fraught with pain and suffering.

I’m not sure of all that God passed on to mothers at the Garden of Eden other than the responsibility of child bearing. But, He must have given them a double dose of commitment, patience and love.

Katherine Ellison in her new book, “The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter,” identifies five areas of increased awareness and sensitivity in mothers. They are perception, efficiency, motivation, resiliency, and emotional intelligence. It would be impossible to get an argument out of me on any of the five.

I know of no stronger human emotion than a mother’s love.

A mother’s love is unequivocal, unconditional and everlasting. Many of us have been sustained and protected by the fervent prayers of our mothers. The one thing certain in this life, aside from death and taxes, is a mother’s comfort, encouragement and love during our times of need.

To all the women and mothers who read this, have a wonderful day.

Our heart goes out to all the mothers who have lost sons or daughters defending America. Words, accolades and special events cannot replace the grief, distress and emptiness you feel. Only a mother who has experienced the loss of a child could begin to understand your pain and suffering. But, let it be known we care and remember you on this special day.

James G. Smith