Police department should be investigated

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 6, 2007

To the Editor:

I think it is high time for the Selma Police Department to be investigated. Just yesterday I experienced how low our city’s “finest” have fallen.

I have owned and lived in the same house for over 40 years. My neighborhood has been peaceful and quiet until a few years ago.

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Yesterday I came home in the middle of the day, usually the quietest time of the day, and all I could hear was a deafening BOOM,


This disturbing noise was coming from a congregation of about 15 males who appeared to be fully able to be working but were not, which is another excellent example of our tax dollars at work, but that’s another letter.

I went into my house, called the police to ask them to come get the noise turned off, and they NEVER showed up.

I had stated my complaint, gave them the address, and asked them to please come. No one ever showed up.

What if I had come home and found someone in my house, what if someone had been pointing a gun at me? Would they still not have come?

Of course this was not a life threatening situation, but it was most certainly a legitimate complaint that needed to be addressed and taken care of.

That is the police department’s duty, to protect and answer the needs of their tax-paying citizens. What about the noise ordinance that the city council members promised to enforce?

Back in the good old days, it was customary to see the police cruising around the neighborhood, checking to make sure that all was safe.

We never see that now. Now there are drug dealers living and working in the neighborhoods where we raised our children, neighborhoods where our children can’t play outside anymore.

The police department turns their heads to these drug dealers, to the crimes being committed right under their noses, to the noise level of this horrible music that we are forced to hear.

Is it because they are lazy, or is it because they are somehow involved in some of the crimes being committed and laws being broken?

Yes, I think it is time that this department needs to be shaken up. It is time for some big changes to be made. The health and welfare of our city and our citizens depend on it.

Susan Jones