Double blessings

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 29, 2007

To the Editor:

I have been blessed with two wonderful volunteers for my kindergarten class. They were my mother (Dot Wilkinson) and my best friend (Marsha Powe).

They have given their expertise and talents to the children of my class, freely and with lots of love.

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My mother, Dot Wilkinson, helped us with our kindergarten garden. It has truly been a garden of love. She has also helped children to love reading, as she worked with them individually.

A gift was always given to them if they had truly done their best.

Each child she has worked with has benefitted from her individual love and praise.

My best friend, Marsha Powe, helped my children with her expertise, speech.

I watched as each child she worked with grew more confident with their speech and self-esteem.

They came back as they did from my mother, with smiles and self confidence that carried over into my whole class.

Marsha smiled, laughed and gave them snacks and treats for their hard work. She did extra fun activities to keep them focused.

As you can see, not only my Byrd kindergarten class, but I, have benefitted from my double blessings this year.

Thank you Mama and Marsha.

Arabella Sheehan

Byrd Elementary Kindergarten