Apology for slavery is pandering for votes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 25, 2007

To the Editor:

A proposal has been made that the State of Alabama apologize for the slavery of past generations. Yet we cannot even fix what is wrong with the present. Alabama is currently holding many of its elderly citizens in chains, enslaved, having taken power and control of their income, property and lives against their wishes and desires. This even happened to my dear mother.

If the State of Alabama wants to apologize for slavery, let it begin by freeing those held in bondage today!

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Free the elderly who are warehoused in Alabama!

It would be fantastic if our children, our grandchildren and their grandchildren could make a meaningful apology in the future for everything that we have done wrong to hurt and harm others and the environment.

It would be fantastic if such an apology made by future generations for global warming, for over population, for abortion, for the many lives destroyed by war and for the warehousing of the elderly could change the present.

But it cannot. Only responsible action can correct those conditions. Our legislature is failing in that regard, just as they did in the past by not freeing their own slaves.

Seriously, how does an apology made in the future help relieve the pain and suffering of those living in the present?

Would not such an apology made by future generations be but a delusion, a pipe dream, a futile wish to rewrite history?

Certainly anyone with even the tiniest bit of sense realizes that only we can make a meaningful apology for transgressions done by us during our life times.

Yet we will not even free those held in bondage today.

So it is a senseless to apologize for the past when we still hold our elderly in bondage.

We cannot change the mistakes of our Fore Fathers with insane apologies and delusions in an attempt to rewrite history; this is merely a vane attempt to gain sympathy, popularity and votes.

But we can take positive and responsible action in the present to significantly improve the condition of those held in bondage by a corrupt and evil system which warehouses the elderly like slaves.

I call upon the governor of Alabama, upon the legislature and upon the people of Alabama to free my mother now and all elderly citizens! Change the antiquated law in Alabama that each person may appoint and specify their own guardian and conservator and make this retroactive that it applies to every senior citizen who is unjustly incarcerated and held in bondage, a slave to the corrupt, under funded elderly care system of Alabama!

If you want to apology for slavery, pass a law which will free those elderly who are enslaved today! That would be an act of greatness! Trying to apologize for the past is senseless, delusive, pandering for votes. Stand up for America and our elderly by freeing them from bondage today!

Terry Lynch