SPD investigates vandalism, copper theft of old Winn-Dixie building

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 23, 2007


Selma Police are investigating the vandalism and theft of the old Winn Dixie Building on Dallas Avenue, where an undetermined amount of copper was taken.

The building, owned by Aronov Realty, was apparently entered through the rear and unknown subjects helped themselves. Police were called Friday and investigators learned of the extent of the damage.

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Throughout the building &045; including air conditioning units on the roof &045; police said thieves surgically removed copper wiring and pipes. Inside the building the sledge hammer was used to break open the concrete slab to pull wiring from beneath the floor that was once used for refrigeration units.

Carver Boynton of Aronov said the damage was so extensive the building &8220;may have to be condemned.&8221;

Boynton said the break-in was discovered several days ago, and there was nothing inside for burglars to take.

Police have seen burglars take advantage of closed structures in the past. In most instances, authorities said it could be the work of drug users attempting to steal copper to sale &8220;for a quick fix.&8221;

A similar incident that occurred at the old Department of Human Resources building about two months ago resulted in two arrests. Police estimated more than $80,000 in copper was taken during that incident. Selma Police Det. Al Blackmon said the Winn Dixie heist had the makings of &8220;somebody that knew what they were doing.&8221;

There have been no arrests made in the break-in.