More stunts at Selma City Hall

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To the Editor:

What is the definition of hypocrisy? As I listen to Rose Sanders and J.L. Chestnut take on the statement Cecil Williamson made in reference to Jannie Venter. I think it was long overdue. Cecil is not one of my favorite people, but I respect the truth in him exposing poor taxpayers’ dollars being spent unwisely by Selma Leader King James.

As for the Jannie situation, it wasn’t Cecil but Jannie’s own people who started publicly viewing her as ignorant and illiterate and they publicly said this on radio talk programs before and after Jannie became councilwoman.

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Sometimes what you say out of your mouth describes you better than anyone’s personal opinion.

Nobody actually believed she would even make it to City Hall. So this is nothing new to our ears.

There have been awful accusations that what Jannie has said about Cecil at council meetings was inappropriate, unprofessional and definitely defamation of character because I would put my life on a chop block that she did not personally do any research of her own to find out the accuracy of her name calling of Cecil, but rather followed the footsteps of the Queen of Mess on the council who has been there too long, occupying much space and a ward she is over is the worst in the city. The bad blood between Rose and Cecil has nothing to do with Jannie Venter but Nathan B. Forrest. This incident just gave reason to continue to fuel old bad blood again.

To compare this situation to Imus is totally one worthy and one unworthy, with Imus being guilty of out-right ignorance and unworthy of the privilege of having a talk show.

As for Mrs. Allen and Mr. Evans, they are probably the only two intelligent people in City Hall. They can talk to Cecil just as well as Rose and J.L.

This is a political stunt that old stunt players do. They need to unpocket monies we – yes, I am black – we helped fill to buy buildings in the black community to educate our people to survive in a white world if they cared so much for us.

They are a couple of hypocrites who promote only incidents that enrich their power over poor blacks.

Willie Mae Rose