Tighten campus security

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 16, 2007

The finger-pointing in Monday’s tragic shooting at Virginia Tech has already started.

Many parents of Virginia Tech students had not even been notified as to whether or not their child was a victim when media and others began to question the school administration’s actions (or lack thereof).

The central question revolves around why school officials didn’t shut down the school after the first shooting of two students (at about 7:15 a.m.) instead of waiting until after the second shooting two hours later when more than 30 students were killed.

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At this point, it’s way too early to second guess what decisions were being made. As of Monday evening, the national media does not know what conversations were taking place among college administration officials.

There will be – and should be – an investigation into the actions and the timeline of those actions.

But for now, the most important issue is that more than 30 people have been killed. Their families need support and prayer. These are young people whose lives were cut short by a senseless, violent act.

There will be many lessons that other school systems and campuses can learn from this tragedy.

Here in Dallas County, security is tight at Selma High School, but much more lax at some of the other campuses. We can use this wake-up call to press for more security.

First, however, let’s pray for the families who will bury their children.

As for the decisions of administration officials at Virginia Tech, there will be plenty of time for finger-pointing later.