Thank you, Seymour

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 8, 2007

To the Editor:

Do you know Seymour Cohn?

Odds are that you do. I hope to grow up just like Seymour Cohn. One might think that a 44-year-old woman is already grown up, but as Seymour as an example, I can see that I have much more to accomplish.

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Seymour is in his 90s and is a daily reminder to many of us that we should never quit seeing ourselves as vital, contributing citizens of Selma.

We age but it is only our attitudes that can make us old. Seymour tutors at Cedar Park Elementary School and a few other schools. In addition, he serves a volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels, the library, and the hospital just to name a few.

We absolutely need Seymour and the hours he gives to us. I wish more members of the community would take on a “Seymour attitude.” It’s a no-nonsense, practical approach to life that is honest and compassionate.

Our fourth grade students at Cedar Park Elementary benefit from a visit from Seymour every Thursday.

He helps with their math skills, and he stops back by my office on his way out to share a bit a wisdom and a piece of candy with me, and once again, I feel like a blessed youngster who has much to learn about the difference between growing up and growing better.

I am fortunate to have known Seymour all of my life, and I can honestly say that I hope that I grow better as my life passes, and when I reach my 90s, I hope to have grown up just like Seymour.

Thank you, Seymour. We appreciate you.

Logan Wilkinson Cowart


Cedar Park Elementary