Elected school board not in doubt

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 1, 2007

To the Editor:

Are you kidding me? This was the question I asked a friend when I received his phone call last Thursday night. Dr. James Carter had resigned from the Selma City School Board.

For 10 long years, I’ve tried my best to get the school board to address some very important issues.

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In June 1999, I wrote a letter to the school board asking that the wooded area behind Selma High football field be cleaned up. I got no response. On several trips to the school board office, the superintendent was always in a meeting.

In August 2000, a Selma student was raped behind the football field. Weeks later, the wooded area came down.

In September 2000, again I wrote a letter to the school board, complaining that the roof was leaking in the classrooms and the bathrooms on the west side of the school needed toilets and doors. I got no response.

In August 2006, again I called the school board about the weight room at Selma High, no usable bathrooms, leaking roof and no outlets to plug up the ice machine and Powerade/pop machine. I got on response.

On Wednesday, I called Z105.3 radio show, &8220;A Public Conversation,&8221; with the same complaints. The next day, outlets were installed and repairs began on the bathroom. If it hadn’t been for that radio show, those kids would still be without.

In October 2006, I started a petition to name the Selma High gym (Maxey, Sewell, Booth) after three men who coached and taught us and our students. I had more than 300 signatures. I got no response.

In November 2006, while attending a school board meeting, I couldn’t take any more. I spoke my peace and mind. The president told me several times I was out of order. My remarks were, &8220;we need a new school, if Greenville, Ala., can build a new school, why not Selma?&8221;

We need a new school, a new superintendent and a new school board. That’s right, a new, elected school board with parents who have children in the school system or graduated in the school system.

You can’t blame all these negative issues on Dr. Carter. He’s done a lot of good for our school system, but building a new school board wasn’t one of them.

But, a new school board building was constructed, while Selma High is falling down.

There’s only six people who can take Selma City Schools to the next level as superintendent: Dr. McKenzie of the Dallas County School System; Don Jefferson, former student and principal; Dr. Ronald Peoples, educator and motivator, teacher at Southside High School; Tonya Chestnutt, former student and educator; Logan Cowart, principal of Cedar Park school; Corey Bowie, Wallace Community College Selma.

These are the only candidates who can fill the seat as superintendent. If none of the top six are selected, then re-hire Dr. Carter.

Bruce L. Holmes Sr.

Southside High PTO president

Selma High graduate

Vandals should re-direct efforts

To the Editor:

This letter is directed to those who feel like throwing eggs, breaking windows and vandalizing Raceway is appropriate behavior.

I have paid dearly for the privilege to conduct business in Selma.

I collect taxes for our city. I pay property taxes and try to involve myself in facets of the community that are positive, at the same time having my opinions.

Those who have decided to make my business a target, for whatever reason, need to re-evaluate their motives.

If it’s personal, lets talk, if it’s political, let’s discuss it, if it’s just devilment, try to realize the far-reaching consequences of your actions.

I feel certain that acts of this nature are considered when a business is trying to decide whether to remain or leave our city.

Small businesses determine the economic security of our city. Haven’t enough left to wake you up? If those involved in these acts have that much time and money (to buy eggs), why don’t they volunteer to help our city and contribute the eggs to someone who is less fortunate.

There are many who would appreciate an act of kindness.

May God Bless Selma.

Gene Hisel