What’s in State of the City address?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 22, 2007

To the Editor:

What might the State of the City Address, the Mayor’s first formal re-election speech, have in store for the citizens of Selma?

Will he tell us about LP closing and try to convince us that this closure opens another positive opportunity for business as he did when L3 Communication ceased it’s operations in Selma?

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Will he tell us about the new industries that are locating in Autauga County and Montgomery and that we are receiving none even though we have more development resources than either of these counties?

Will he tell us about the unemployment rate being third highest in the entire state?

Will he tell us that a large percentage of our workforce is traveling outside of Selma for employment, that without their sacrifice of traveling, the unemployment rate would possibly be over 20 percent?

Will he tell us that the supposed 25 million dollars in construction is done by outside labor who do not spend their money in our city and that the materials used in this construction are bought from outside our city?

Will he tell us that crime is higher in our city than ever before and that he has no plan or strategy for reduction or control of crime?

Will he tell us that the drastic drop in sales tax means that people are refusing to buy in Selma because of the atmosphere of division and higher prices passed to them because of the thefts, robberies, bad checks, etc.?

Will he tell us why he is having a Youth Forum for input as to youth activities when he spent $119,000 of oil reserve money to construct basketball goals then removed them, putting our children back in the streets?

Will he tell us that Bush Hog, the city’s largest employer, is moving part of the operations out of our city to Selfield and Tennessee, thereby reducing city tax revenues and depriving our citizens of at least 130 jobs?

Will he apologize for the legal fees thrown to the wind concerning the tower issue when he knew the ordinance did not apply to the county as was ruled by the lower court?

If we continue to be mesmerized and misled by those who choose to serve themselves, instead of others, we are being programmed to accept mediocre conditions and the slow demise of our city.

After the State of the City Address we should encourage him to travel around the country more at taxpayer expense and try to convince them that we are “open for business.”

Call this letter negative if you like, the truth often hurts.

Gene Hisel