SABRA Sanctuary a community asset

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 22, 2007

To the Editor:

I’m writing to inform our community on some of the activities of SABRA Sanctuary and to thank our citizens and businesses for all the assistance they have given to us. SABRA Sanctuary is a non-profit organization serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Dallas, Perry and Wilcox counties. We maintain a confidential safe house when home isn’t safe anymore. We also maintain a sexual assault crisis center. Besides the crisis center and safe house, there is a 24 hour crisis line which can be called at (334) 874-8711. Collect calls are accepted. In 2006, our victim advocates from all three counties assisted in over 800 cases, while 98 women and children were served in our shelter.

We saw 14 rape cases, 53 assault cases and took 171 crisis calls.

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On March 1, SABRA Sanctuary held its 12th Annual Dinner and Auction. Volunteers and staff did an outstanding job in organizing this huge event. By auction night, over 140 businesses and individuals from the three counties had contributed more than 185 items. Throughout the day and into the evening of March 1, Alabama was under a statewide weather alert. Turn out for the auction was low; yet our profit was over $17,000, an increase of nearly $6,000 above the previous year. This was the best auction ever!

From the sponsors and patrons, to those who purchased tickets and donated items, to those who bid on and bought packages; everybody stepped up and did their part. On behalf of the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, thank you for supporting our belief at SABRA Sanctuary that no one deserves to be abused. Tax deductible collections may be mailed to SABRA Sanctuary at Post Office Box 393, Selma, Alabama 36702

Lee Wiltsie